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antique brass plating


MOQ:500s SET

Model number:SZ-T004

Commodity name:collar stay

Commodity material:antique copper /antique brass/  pure copper/ brass/Red copper

Commodity specification:

2.0 inch:50.8mm*10mm*0.8mm,

2.2 inch:55.8mm*10mm*0.8mm,

2.5 inch:63.5mm*10mm*0.8mm,


3.0 inch:76mm*10mm*0.8mm

Commodity packing: 8×3CM Non-woven bags

Commodity features:Appearance, beautiful, non-magnetic

Scope of application:clothes,Clothing accessories,Gift packaging

Other specifications can be quickly customized according to the guests, three-dimensional rapid prototyping technology to confirm. Our company customize different material,color and size of collar stay for Professional Clothing Company ,including custom LOGO and so on. Small quantities are basically shipped the same day, large quantities of appropriate extension of delivery time. This section can accept foreign trade orders, according to the requirements of the guests to play LOGO.

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